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What is The Magic Sunglasses

The Magic Sunglasses is a practical, fun & interactive programme of storybooks and workshops, to increase real practical self-esteem in children of ages 8 - 12.

This programme teaches children how to focus on all their natural gifts and talents as a real feel-good factor, developing real self-esteem and so feel an ongoing power to achieve and live happy successful lives.

Why the Magic Sunglasses?

A metaphor to explain being able to “see inside yourself” – through your very own Magic Sunglasses to see the real Magic of how great you really are – all those wonderful natural gifts and talents – just waiting to be used!

How does it work?

  • A story book (link) introduces the concept of discovering and using your inner strength
  • The workshops (link) show children how to put this into practice in everyday life
  • Related competitions, events and an Action series will feature later in the programme

How The Magic Sunglasses programme helps parents help their children increase their self-esteem

  • Presenting the concept in story form is proven easier for children to accept
  • Allows for the individuality of each child but also includes diversity –
  • It promotes self-respect and validation but also respect for others – we are all different and all of equal value in different ways
  • It promotes discussion of many aspects of personal, social and emotional development
  • Helps children develop a more comprehensive and useful idea of their identity - who they are, and so their potential to achieve
  • Increasing self-esteem, helps provide a solid base for happier more confident teenage years and dealing with social problems of bullying, drugs, pregnancy and crime
  • Can provide a real support when children move from Junior to senior school
  • Can help provide additional support and stability if parents split up – children need to at least feel good about who they are
  • Supports and facilitates what teachers and parents are working to achieve with children in their care –Providing an effective channel of communication between them
  • Helps increase self-esteem naturally and comfortably – do it at your own pace
  • The programme is flexible and can be adapted to suit most needs
  • *With the Magic Sunglasses programme anybody can not only have fun but **find themselves ‘The Real Me’

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The Magic Sunglasses Book - Paperback